I’m a young man who’s pretty sick of being traditional. I got sober young, and I had my only son shortly after. Circumstances enabled me to have some very interesting and unique experiences from a rather young age. Now I’m redefining my life, and I really want to give other people permission to do the same. In fact, I’m obsessed with living. It’s kind of bizarre to most people, for some reason.
If I’ve ever brought you harm, I would love the opportunity to make whatever reparations are necessary. Please contact me. I have a colorful history, peppered with poorly made decisions. I no longer live this way. Quite to the contrary, I spend much of my spare time trying to be helpful to other people. I don’t want to confuse anyone into thinking that this is because I’m virtuous. I merely don’t want to drink or use ever again.  For me to drink or to use is to die. That means that I must frequently concern myself with other people.
I’m taking  a leap into entrepreneurship. I’m journeying into building a business. I hope to help people, who might be in shoes comparable to those I’ve walked in. Hopefully they learn some of the things that I have learned, that have allowed me to live a life that is generally peaceful, and often blissful. I would like to save people the time and energy that much of my seeking has cost me, and afford them the fruits of my labor.
I want to be helpful. That’s the way that a guy like me catches a buzz these days; that and climbing mountains, traveling, cooking, and other things that tickle my fancy. Some of my blogging will be about my experiences with entrepreneurship, with recovery, with fatherhood, with life. I will attempt to share some valuable things that I have learned on my journey so far.
I hope to benefit people here. I hope to practice authenticity. I hope to learn from you. If you’ve made it to this line, thank you for your time. This is a big world. I’m happy to share it with you.
Samuel LeBaron Abbott III
Peterborough, New Hampshire
April 30, 2016