Stockholm Fear

We did that thing together?

I had a lot of fun. I can’t remember her name though.

I never asked for it. I never gave her mine, I never said a word.

How badly I wanted to.

No matter how many opportunities I pursue, there are always still so many that I allow to escape.

She was one.

She may have rejected me.

Had she done so though, I wouldn’t be thinking about her now.

Maybe I would. Love is tough.

It’s tough to understand. It may be impossible to understand.

Dating is tough. Though, dating is fun.

Most fun things have tough elements. I’m not sure if most fun things would be fun if they weren’t tough.

She wouldn’t have been into me anyway, I thought.

My intuition had a different opinion.

My insecurities yell pretty loudly at me though.

They boss me around quite a bit. More so with women than with anything else.

They don’t want me to.

My intuition is getting stronger. My trust in it is still weak compared to the insecurities. I trust them like a captive trusts their captor.

I stumble along. Sometimes I parade forward, and other days I crawl backwards.

I’m not perfect today. I wasn’t yesterday either.

Were you?

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