Too many of us struggle with getting out of bed in the morning. It is no fun to wake up and immediately be in rush-mode; I know because I spent plenty of my life there. Here are a few tricks to help you want to get up earlier, not just help you wake up when the alarm goes off.

1. Do Whatever You Want– Nobody wants to get out of bed in the morning–unless they have something they enjoy doing when they wake up. Don’t base your interest in getting everything together as fast as you can and scurrying out the door to work. Nobody wants to get out of bed to go to work. Ehh. What are some thing that you enjoy doing that you can do in the beginning of your day? Read a book, write in a journal, drawing or some other form of creative expression. Maybe you’re the type that realizes there is some satisfaction in getting a couple chores done first thing, so you can relax later. Maybe you have spiritual practice, or want to, but never have the time. Make the time in the morning for your meditation or prayer or reflection. Do whatever you want to do in the morning. Make it your time. If you have kids and this makes this impossible, then you could get up before they do.

2. Go to Bed!- Nobody wants to get up in the morning when they’re exhausted. There’s a brilliant solution to this enormous dilemma: go to bed already! Jeez. What’s your excuse? I’ve had them all. The truth is that if you want to have an easier time getting up in the morning, you need to have some sort of bedtime. The only way to avoid the bedtime is if you don’t have obligations in the morning. Unfortunately, most of us will have to go to work for someone, or you’ll have to get the kids to school, or whatever else. If this is the case, experiment a little and determine how much sleep you need to be fully functional. I’m not a doctor, so I won’t talk matter-of-factly about sleep cycles and requirements. I will say that I’ve tried many different amounts of time, and as of late I’ve just been doing the boring old recommendation of eight hours per night. My suggestion would be to do at least seven, but I’m sure many of you would argue that. If you say you can’t make time for sleep, then you’re probably lying to yourself. Being too busy for things that matter to you is simply having a lack of priority. Don’t fall into this trap like so many of us do. If sleep means a lot to you, and you don’t want to feel like shit everyday when you wake up, make it a priority.

3. Set the Intention– You ever heard that popular adage about how your morning starts the night before? Guess what? It’s not a coincidence that so many people say this. The idea is to go to bed with the intention of looking forward to waking up. Do you ever remember being tired on Christmas morning as a kid? Yeah me neither. You were excited to wake up because of what the following day had in store for you. What’s different now? I understand if your not the poster-child for optimism. But if you’re living a life where you dread your days because of work or other things, you’re probably going to need more life adjustment than only getting a good night’s sleep. That’s not to say that sleep isn’t a good place to start though. Set the intention of waking up because you want to. This ties in with the first suggestion of doing what you want in the morning. Be excited to do those things. Reclaim this small portion of your life, and set the intention of reclaiming the rest of your life after that.

4. Raise the Stakes– How badly do you want to wake up? The most effective method I can recommend is to find some friends with the same problem, (this shouldn’t be hard to do) and begin a little accountability betting pool. Everybody checks in with a picture of themselves fully dressed in a group text message or some other means. You might use Facebook Messenger, or Google+, or something else. Everybody checks in every day, at or before their time. For every day that someone misses, they owe five dollars to the pool. At the end of a month or longer, whoever has the least misses takes the pool. This will motivate you socially from not wanting to look bad; it will motivate you in the sense of not wanting to lose your money; it will motivate you in the sense of wanting to win the total amount. This trifecta of motivation will not only make it interesting, but it will also ensure that you get your butt out of bed.

5. Finally, I’ll recommend the more common suggestions that will help you to wake up once you’re out of bed. These are the sorts of things typically recommended on these types of posts. They certainly have their place, but the above suggestions will not only wake you up, but give you more of a desire to wake up in the first place. Don’t just treat the symptom, get to the cause.

Put the alarm clock across the room. This won’t allow you to roll over and hit the snooze button; you’ll have to get on your feet.

Have a glass of water waiting for you by the alarm clock. Drink the entire glass, then go fill it up cold and drink that one. Your body is dehydrated after so many hours of not drinking. This has many additional benefits, but most importantly it will make you noticeably more awake.

Rinse your face with cold water. Do I need to explain the benefit of this?

Get dressed in your clothes for the day. If you are a person who doesn’t shower first thing in the morning, get dressed in the clothes you plan to wear. If you are a person who showers in the morning, shower. You might rinse quickly with cold water after you’re all cleaned up. It will definitely wake you up.

Get some fresh air. Take five minutes or so and stand outside. Just breath in the fresh air. If it’s early morning it will probably be a little chilly outside; all the better. Too many of us neglect being outside. Take a moment and get a little of the day in your lungs.
What other tricks do you use to help in either wanting to get up or in actually waking up once you get moving? Please take a quick moment and share below. 

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