You know that old guy that tells people they’re allowed to do those things they really want to do?

He started by telling them that the time would never seem right.

Then he told everyone they were going to make mistakes and get scraped and bruised along the way.

He promised they wouldn’t regret it though.

Then he promised they would regret their inaction if they continued as they had been.

He said that most people are lying. It seemed pretty bold. He said they only tell lies because they think they’re true.

He said that for them, Rationalization and Fear called the shots.

Then he confessed that he too was afraid; afraid of being afraid. He told everyone that it almost stopped him from doing the thing he really wanted to do.

Then, in earnest, he confided in them, saying that the thing he most wanted to do was to share these things with them so they might avoid his pain.

You can do that thing. I’m doing it too.

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